The Vintage Chic Wedding Fair in Leamington Spa

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We had a lovely day at Leamington Pump Rooms for the Vintage Chic Wedding Fair last Sunday. It was a beautiful venue, full of fab suppliers with a love of the glamorous looks of times gone by.


Our letterpress stationery was particularly popular with the vintage-loving brides attracted to the authentic look and feel of old-fashioned printed stationery. But our other ranges went down a treat too.

Here are some of the other exhibitors from the day who especially caught my eye.


Bouquet Chic Unique, run by Kerry, who creates the most stunning keepsake bouquets with all sorts of bejewelled and beautiful designs. (That letterpress poster in the background is from Good Egg Stationery).


Red Hot & Blue, whose handcrafted hats, fascinators and hair combs would set off any vintage bride’s look, and who get extra points from me for the lovely embroidered font on their tablecloth.


And Sarah Russell, who I had the pleasure of exhibiting next to and who creates fabulous hair and makeup looks for brides and bridesmaids who love a little vintage glamour. And whose multicoloured laptop keyboard I instantly coveted.

We’ll be at the Bank House Hotel in Bransford this Sunday for our final wedding fair of the season. Looking forward to meeting more lovely couples and creating stationery for their fab weddings.


A logo for beauty & food blog The Ting Thing

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The gorgeous Ting asked me to create a logo for her blog, The Ting Thing, which is all about beauty and eating in Birmingham. The brief was something smart, sharp and including a triangle shape. I worked up some different ideas and the one she loved was this black triangle with the letters TTT creating a geometric pattern inside.


The logo sits handsomely at the top of the blog site and is also used in images as a watermark. Nice, hey?

Letterpress adventures

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letterpress2Probably my favourite thing I’ve done, ever.

Richard & Sam wanted a wedding invitation suite in my vintage typographic design for their marriage at the very beautiful Cowley Manor in Gloucestershire. I suggested we print it on a letterpress to get a really lovely, authentic texture and finish.

My letterpress printer, Martin, (who by the way is one of the nicest people you could ever meet) works with mechanical printing presses, some dating back to the 1800s. It was a geek dream to visit the workshop and see my creation come to life on the presses. letterpress printing

Martin mixed the precise cherry-pink ink colour for me for the first plate. This was then left to dry for two days before the second plate was run through with a rich turquoisey green.

Oh letterpress, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. the tactile, indented texture where block meets paper (you HAVE to lovingly stroke letterpress print with your fingertips, it’s the law)
2. the density and smoothness of colour: no digital dots here
letterpress wedding card by good egg3. the glorious vintage look
4. it’s just amazing.

To go with the invitation we also produced a little card with info about gifts and accommodation, which was typeset for the letterpress and printed in matching colours. Pretty.

Letterpress is a more time-consuming and labour-intensive process than digital print but the results are worth it several times over. image4I think it’s perfect for wedding stationery as it’s so special and beautiful it becomes a keepsake for guests to remind them of the day.

Contact me for info if you’d like your very own letterpress wedding stationery or party invitations. I’d love to hear from you.

Becky & Andy’s save-the-dates

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design projects


Lovely couple Becky and Andy wanted a save-the-date magnet for their 2016 wedding, which will have a colour theme of navy blue. After chatting about their ideas, likes and dislikes we came up with this glittering lights design to tie in with the cascading lights at their venue, and looks really beautiful against the deep blue colour. I used a fancy hand-lettered font for the main text and simple, modern one for the details.

The design is printed on a really cool magnetised paper so guests can pop it on the fridge as a pretty reminder.

I also thought it might look kinda lovely in coral pink.


From sketch to finished product: a hand-lettered invitation

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design projects

hand lettering process

I’ve just finished work on a new wedding save-the-date design featuring a hand-lettered element, and thought I’d share a bit about how I got from idea to end result. What I really love about drawing my own lettering is that I have complete control over the whole thing and I can add little style elements and flourishes as they take my fancy.

The aim for the lettering was a retro style script. I wanted my final design to be at an angle so I drew the guidelines on a slight diagonal from the start. I sketched out the letter outlines in pencil, adding curvy swashes on the Gs and the D.

Next step: lots of erasing, re-drawing, squinting at the design.

When I was happy with my pencil drawing, it was time to ink it in. Two tools I used for this job: the Uni Pin Drawing Pen to precisely outline each letter, and a Staedtler Triplus Colour Pen in black to fill in.

The whole process up to this point took about five hours. Those were five happy hours, though. When I’m drawing letters, I can be so immersed in it for hours at a time that I forget to eat. And I really like food.

So once the design was inked it was time to digitise it. I use a scanner to transfer the image to the computer at about 300dpi and open it in Photoshop to clean up any blobs and obvious irregularities, and increase the blackness of the letters. I then open it up in Illustrator and tinker with it for another few hours – first vectorising the image and then using the pen tool to smooth out the curves, adjust imbalances and generally pretty it up.

When I was finally happy with the vector image I was then ready to use it in a design. I felt like the retro feel of the lettering needed a simple layout so I set up an off-white background with my hand-lettered design taking centre stage. I tried a few fonts and settled on the beautiful Neutra, which has a clean, understated retro feel that sits nicely with my bold hand-lettering. I also added a small red heart for a little colour.

And here’s the finished result: a simple, retro save-the-date to announce a happy event.

vintage save the date hand-lettered

A new logo for Black Pear Walking Tours

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design projects


New company Black Pear Walking Tours asked me to design a logo to represent their brand. The brief was to create something friendly and accessible, with clear reference to the county of Worcestershire where the company organise their walking holidays.

The black pear is a local fruit with a long history in the county, as well as forming the business name, so a fruity shape was the starting point. I then added a silhouette of the Malvern Hills with couple of intrepid walkers on their slopes. A black and grass green colourway seemed a good fit and the lovely Kirvy font gives a friendly feel.

I can’t wait to see the logo in action. If you’d like a new logo design for your business, please do get in touch.

My Etsy shop is open

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Etsy, the online handmade marketplace, is a bit like Pinterest in that there are literally thousands of pretty things to look at and want. Before I set up my Good Egg shop there, I already had a wish list of stationery, furniture, hats, jewellery and other delights handmade by Etsy sellers.

My wedding stationery, invitations and hand-lettering already feel at home on Etsy.


Each shop has information about the seller, their inspirations and processes, which is really nice when you’re buying something handmade and want to know more about where it came from.

Check it out, you can now buy Good Egg’s designs in the Etsy shop, including customised invitations, logos and more. I’ll be adding to the shop in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

A speed Christmas card design

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In the chaos of moving house earlier in December I found myself with a single evening in which to design a Christmas card for my friends & family. It was three hours of speed hand-lettering: I had already thought of the concept but had only a few hours in which to draw, ink and digitise my design and get it to the printer before midnight.

In some ways the Countdown music going round in my head was helpful: there was no room for perfecting every tiny stroke in Illustrator (I have lost many hours to this on other designs) so the result has a more rough & ready, hand-drawn feel that I actually really like. Of course, I can now see lots of corners I’d like to smooth off and letters that need tweaking, but as a speedy design it’s not half bad, and the feedback has been lovely!

Chevrons are cool

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This week I had a hankering to create some wedding invitations with a geometric theme, and opted for the classic design element, the chevron. Chevrons are just cool. I have a hot pink lampshade with white chevrons going around it and I think it makes my house look instantly more with-it (although saying with-it is probably not very with-it, but anyway).

I’m getting ready to open an Etsy shop for all my wedding stationery designs, but in the meantime, you can follow everything new on Facebook.

Here’s the chevron design in alternative colours.

chevron-invitation-for-web-2    chevron-invitation-for-web-3