New! Personalised baby thank-you cards with a photo of your baby

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Send a gorgeous greeting to thank all those kind folks who sent gifts for your little one. These cards can be fully personalised with a photo of your bouncing baby, text of your choice and your favourite colour, and are priced from only £1 each. And for an extra 10p per card you can add your personal message inside too.


Printed on thick textured card with matching white envelopes, these cards let you send a really personal thank you with minimum effort (something I am sure new parents will appreciate…).

20 cards = £2.00 each
50 cards = £1.00 each
Includes delivery.

To order your personal card or ask about other custom-made designs please contact me.


New favourite book: Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt

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Without even having to consult a psychotherapist I have realised why I’m a complete geek about typography. When I was about 10 I had a book called The Lettering Book, which was a collection of hand-drawn alphabets that you could trace and copy to create your own designs. I absolutely loved that book and would sit in my bedroom tracing and drawing letters, colouring them in and making them into cards and what-not, generally having a jolly nice time. Fast forward twenty-something years and you will now find me sitting in my flat with the Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McDevitt on my knee.


This is essentially a grown-up version of my lettering book from the 1980s. Inside are lots of exercises for creating little compositions and phrases from your own hand-drawn letters, and inspiration from Mary Kate’s own designs, which are beautiful. She has also included a lot of blank pages for your own practice.

Here’s one of my Mary Kate McDevitt-inspired drawings below.


Cheese or font?

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Like most people, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to test your knowledge of fromage and your typeface mastery at the same time. Yesterday I heard about a game called ‘Cheese or Font?’. That’s right, you get a word and you have to guess if it’s a cheese or a font. It’s the ideal way to pass the time if you’re a fan of either cheese or fonts. You can play it here

design I love: Leon

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design I love

I’ve had a thing about Leon restaurants ever since they opened. The design and branding is just everything I love in one colourful mix – a bit retro, bright, bold and charming. That was before I even went in to the restaurant in London’s Carnaby Street and discovered the amazing food (I had a strawberry yogurt smoothie and a falafel salad. So good).


I have to confess I bought the recipe books at least half on the basis of their gorgeous covers. Plus the fact that you get stickers included to stick on your homemade jars of jam or packets of biscuits.

I don’t know who Leon’s designer is but I think I would like to live in their house.



A new brand for Love Life Ladies’ Bootcamp

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design projects


This project was to create a new logo for the Love Life Ladies’ Bootcamp run by the amazing Vicky Martin in Stroud, Gloucestershire. This is not your average weekly aerobics class down the gym, what Vicky offers is a program that challenges you physically and looks after you emotionally, supporting clients to lose weight and get fit in a positive, upbeat and inspiring way. So it was important that the new branding reflected this, with a vibrant pink colour and a fresh and fun look.LOVE-LIFE-logo-web2

An experiment with neon for a music venue

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design projects


This was a draft of a poster for a live music night at a venue in Battersea, London. In the end the project didn’t happen so I never finished the design, but it was fun to put together. I based the concept on the venue itself, a space called Testbed1, an arts ‘space with no agenda’. I recreated the texture of the raw brick wall with peeling paint as the background, then added bright coloured strips with a neon glow like the lighting in the venue (pic below).


A wedding invitation

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design projects

The shenanigans were the most important thing

My older sister, Sarah, got married in June, and asked me to design the invitations. For this summer wedding we chose a vintagey garden fête look and some jaunty old fonts combined with a modern sans-serif one. The coral red and grass green colours seemed perfect for summertime and the whole thing made it clear some fun was about to be had (and indeed it was).

We printed the invitations at home on clean white card to keep costs down but I think this design would look even lovelier on a thick, textured cardstock in keeping with the vintage theme.